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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer
Written by Super Administrator   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 19:23
Technology transfer is essential for successful relationship between reseach organisations and industry. In order to comply with current trends in National development plan and integration into European standards, our program includes the following fields:

  • Informatic linking of designers, manufacturers and users in Mechanical industry
  • IT in product development - CAD (product design, analyses and function simulation, elastomechanical simulation with FEM, simultanous engineering, VR/AR technology in product development).
  • IT in planning and management of production systems (configuration and simulation of production systems, VR/AR technology in production systems planning)
  • IT in production processes (planning of production processes - cutting, deformation, nonconventional processes, handling of materials, parts and products, planning of assembly processes, optimization of production processes and production chains)
  • IT in production of automatic production equipment (CNC machines, industrial robots and other flexible production automatization, management of production lines - transfer systems for processing and assembly, adaptive systems of production processes management, RLS systems of process management, intelligent handling systems and soft computing techniques in production processes management)
  • Computer integrated production processes and application of IT in management of business functions of production company as well as the whole business system
  • IT in production metrology, system quality, measurement and inspection, measuring machines, TQM and related ISO standards
  • Expert systems for design of construction, transport and mining systems and mechines
  • Expert systems for optimization of equipment disposition
  • Simulation of warehouse and distributive systems
  • IT in design and simulation of heating and venting facilities and equipment
  • IT in planning, optimization, management and exploatation of termotechnique and termoenergetic systems
  • IT in termotechnique testing and measuring
  • Commercial software for heating schemes calculation and optimization in termoenergetic plants - program MODELAR
  • Commercial software for gas flow calculation in turbo machines - programs START CD
  • Numerical simulation with commercial software 5TAK SL
  • Commercial software for simulation and analyses of unstationary fluids flow, movement of pressure wave and dynamic stresses in complex pipe networks of power plants - program TEA (Transfer Evolution Analyses )
  • Commercial software for simulation and analyses of multidimension and multiphase flows - program CMFD (Computational Multi-Fluid Dynamics)
  • Commercial software for variable regimes of steam turbo machines
  • Expert system for diagnostic of operating conditions and control of economical efficiency and status of steam units in power plants
  • Software system for control and optimization of the "cold end" in condensing steam units in power plants
  • IT database system in termo energetics
  • Expert systems for design and optimization of technology, systems and equipment in process industry
  • Software tools for data conversion and transfer for various database formats
  • Genetic algorithms and application in Internet search engines.
  • Computer controlled motion systems for bridge cranes
  • Software for automatic electro puncture diagnostics in homeopatic treatment
  • Computer controlled hospital bed for biomagnetic therapy
  • Software for remote control via Internet
  • Design and production of platform for static and dynamic testing of HA 12-90000 and PA 12-90000 actuators
  • Definition of elements of internal standard for design, production and testing of hydraulic actuator HA 12-9000 i pneumatic actuator PA 12-90000
  • Hardware and software solutions for appliances based on neuro networks and logics: voice recognition in system management, signal and picture processing, o1Mpe and op-1?e systems for human body health diagnostics
  • Appliances in biomedicine: anticelulite appliance, nanophotonic harmonized light generator for psychosomatic and functional disorders in human body, appliance for production of ECO drinking water
  • Systems for pharmacological testing
  • Information systems in pharmacological industry for measurement, data collecting and processing
  • Information system in process of pills production (automatic regulation of force)
  • Automatization and information systems in hydroenergetic and thermoelectroenergetic plants
  • Measuring and acquisition systems for laboratory testing (motor vehicles, aircrafts, rail vehicles)
  • IT in development of new and revitalization of existing plants and products - computer analyses of flow processes (plant and product design, analyses and function simulation, simulation of flow processes with licenced software for CFD), development of CFD software in case that existing commercial software is not available of applicable)
  • IT in metrology, system of quality, inspection and related LJ8/150 standards in flow technique - application of existing IT and development of new measuring techniques, acquisition systems, statistic analyses and further processing of collected data
  • IT in planning and management of flow processes in various fields of mechanical engineering (thermoenergetics and hydroenergetics, thermothechnics i process technique, traffic and production engineering)
  • Optimization and improvement of flow machines and appliances
  • Commercial simulation model for flow calculation
  • Application of parallel processing systems in production and technological innovations
  • Simulation of complex social processes and systems
  • Multicriteria optimization
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Simulation of major breakdowns and catastrophic events
  • Simulation of environment polution
  • Simulation of low effects
  • System optimization considering thermodynamic cycle, flow characteristics, structural and stress conditions, material type, costs of production and eploatation
  • Simulation of product lifespan, influence to environment, existing resources and society
  • Application of numerical methods to solve large scale problems
  • Dynamic simulation of complex public and social processes
  • Databases with documents of mechanical structures, elements, processes, equipment, manufacturers of common assemblies, standards, materials, technological manufacturing processes, users of subassemblies etc.
  • Electronic exchange of documents and data
  • Knowledge base, technology, engineering and manufacturing guidelines for aircrafts and light structures
  • Informatic association of companies related to aircraft production, maitenance, control, licencing and transport
  • Information systems for exploatation and maitenance of rail vehicles
  • Software for design of rail vehicles
  • Implementation of information systems for exploatation and maitenance of motor vehicles (Belgrade police; Belgrade commuter companies; Belgrade public utility companies)
  • Software for chassis calculation and design in motor vehicles
  • Implementation of information systems for CIAH and other licenced laboratories
  • Software for calculation, design and improvement of gas and diesel engines
  • Software for diagnostics, controll and maitenance of gas and diesel engines
  • Software and hardware for fine process measurement in internal combustion engines
  • Software for automatic control of operation for internal combustion engines
  • Data recording and processing software for engine testing
  • Education for use of IT in mechanical engineering
  • Measuring and data collecting systems for hidro power plants and pump stations
  • Computer based warranty measurement of work characteristics for hydraulic machines
  • Database with technical characteristics of Serbian hidro power plants
  • Monitoring and computer control of optimal work regimes for individual hidro power plants or system of plants
  • Computer design of hydraulic machines with rapid prototyping technology
  • Regulation of energetic efficiency of pump facilities with data collected by expert information system
  • Monitoring and more effective exploatation of venting system and compressors using expert information system
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